Sword and Silver Tongue, Consultants

Session 4, month 3

Blockade inspection, busting weapons smuggling

Points and $:

1 Hugo
-$400 rent (w/ Gail)
6 timeslots

2 Branden
-$600 rent
6 timeslots

2 Jessica
-$400 rent (w/ Neci)
criminology for Cody
sales pitch for Indy
movie script
3 timeslots

2 Everett
-$600 rent
6 timeslots

3 Trey
-$600 rent
6 timeslots

1 Mark
-$1000 rent
-$2000 two Scroungers
Inventor! rolls at -6, -10, -14, -22 for simple, average, complex, amazing workshop space designs
GURPS p 473
Needs 4×20+ skill assistants for +4
30x time gets a +5 to skill
Every attempt costs a full prototype set-up value. Failure lets Mark recoup $1000 x umodified success margin (i.e. what the margin would have been w/o any penalties). Success means he has his base shop, permitting 10% prototype facility costs on all future projects of that complexity.

6+2 timeslots

2 Molly

-$600 rent
6+1 timeslots

2 Michael
-$600 rent
6 timeslots

3 Miranda

+$5600 lab research roll?
6 timeslots

2 Cody
-$600 rent
-$9750 FoJ training expenses
2 assault
4 shooters
1 sniper
1 spotter
client list bonus +4 next time
5 targets (solid leads, good pay)

Rick fills in the group on his research findings. Sylos Consolidated owns a controlling interest in all the companies that process moss off-planet, including a buyout 7 years ago of the last major competitor, Baker Pharmaceutical.

The PCs escort Belinda Hoyt on an inspection of the blockade. They take over negotiations with one of the farmers (Unson) evading the blockade, and see that he’s desperate to feed his people. They then convince Hoyt that the blockade is doing more harm than good. And they stop a mercenary hired by Baker Pharmaceutical from killing Unson and possibly triggering a factional civil war.

Hoyt says that Baker’s been very supportive of the moss hunters’ cause b/c they are resisting Sylos’ control of the moss trade.

The PCs detect another drone, but Yancy loses it in the ground clutter.

The PCs go with Hoyt to confront Jan Tomiczec over his blockade running, but instead scare off a number of trucks at Tomiczec’s river docks. The PCs intercept a barge convoy coming upriver. They partially bluff their way into the meeting with the barge captain and get the manifest. But he insists on seeing Tomiczec himself or one of his known aides, Winters or Owens.

The deal goes bust (with Jon and Gail taking cover), and the captain signals an ambush from the barge cargo holds (he was expecting a double-cross on the final shipment of smuggled weapons).

The Touchdown smugglers lay on a hail of fire, taking out one of Hoyt’s two escort trucks with rocket fire.

From the forest, a second ambush opens up on the PCs’ convoy as Tomiczec’s men circle back around and attack.

Yancy cuts short most of the ambush, literally, as he puts Lazarus in position to hose down the lead barge with a curtain of fire, sawing the pilot house and the captain clean in half. They repeat the process with the surrounding forest and break up the second ambush.


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