Sword and Silver Tongue, Consultants

Session 2: Lindassa, Month 1, 2960

A forest preserve, Second Touchdown (crashed dropship, warehouse district)

[couldn’t find point breakdowns, so here’s cumulative points awarded for Sessions 1 and 2]
5 Everett
5 Miranda
5 Cody
5 Trey
4 Jessica
5 Branden
3 Hugo
5 Mark
3 Molly

On the edge of the city, you find a barge dock and a shipping company office. Inside, you find Landowner Belinda Hoyt. She’s very passionate about the hunter cause. Their platform centers on giving every moss hunter a say in the governance of the planet — a vote for every moss hunter who actively contributes to the economy. This was how Lindassa was traditionally run. As refugees and immigrants from the Succession Wars have fled into the Periphery, though, many of them arrived in ST, inflating the population, and overtaking the government through proximity to the seat of govt and via mob rule.

They want a more urban planet, and they want it now, with unsustainable development and expensive imports that will bankrupt the planet. Moss hunters have never made much profit, since most of the value comes from the refining and processing. But prices on equipment, fuel, and supplies have seen massive inflation for nearly two decades due to the population influxes. And the clearing houses and purchasing agents for raw moss keep haggling down prices, offering loan advances at crippling interest rates. Most hunters lose money one year in 8-10, due to harvest yields, and it takes them on average 10-15 years to get out of debt again. Even despite recent growth in ST, hunter communities still account for 65% of the planetary population.

The hunters started protesting three years ago, demanding fair representation in the govt. They’re out in the hinterland 9 months out of the 10-month year, and are scattered all over the continent. They don’t have a voice or collective bargaining power in ST. The government responded by deputizing paramilitary thugs, who are often the worst of the newly-arrived refugees. Soon, they began sending punitive expeditions and heavily armed patrols on the outbound river barges to cow the moss hunters. After dozens of minor skirmishes and more than a hundred deaths, several of the more hard-hit hunting collectives banded together and ambushed several ST expeditions as payback.

Mistress Hoyt has two tasks requiring your particular skills:

1) Run a PR campaign with both well-placed and high-ranking individuals within Second Touchdown, as well as with the general populace. Sustainable growth for everyone. Don’t fall for the demagogues’ short-sighted demands.

Mistress Hoyt knows a public servant in the employ of the ST executive council: Campion Balastoke. Statements he’s made at social functions suggest he is also concerned with peace and stability for Lindassa. Perhaps he might be open to a dialogue and negotiations.

On the down low: Who is supporting/funding the push for high-tech growth and foreign investment/debt?

2) Secure the compliance of said key individuals, either with investigations and compromising details about any awkward history they have, or permanently and terminally persuading them.

Met with Belinda Hoyt. Mission: Run PR campaign for austerity and the simple life. Find out who’s plotting with off-planet financing, and persuade or eliminate them.

Group conclusions..? Party agrees that localization and protecting wealth creation process is necessary. Correct, managed growth.

Run health clinics. Tap into the majority Catholic faith to push spiritual fundamentalism, moving away from material desires. Redirect support into local moss industry.

Mistress Hoyt has approved $50,000 expense account. How you spend it will determine her decision when you need to re-up.

Where do people want to be based for “home”? PCs find apartments in town.

In the city, Second Touchdown, separate apartments ($600 / mo):
Jon (Cody), Joslyn, Lance
Yancy (Trey)
William (Branden)
Nessie (Hugo)
JB (Molly) ?
Gail (Jessica)
Darick (Michael)
Lazarus (Everett)

Empty warehouse on edge of town (2000 sf, $1000 / mo):
Indy (Mark)
2 Scrounge-12 shop assistants ($1000 / mo each)

Remote, enclosed, cultivated forest preserve 300 miles northeast of Second Touchdown, designated for PCs’ research use. Owned by Mistress Hoyt (one of several tracts). Approx 100,000 acres. ($300 / mo cost of living)
Flora (Miranda)
2 Pharmacy-12 lab techs ($1600 / mo each)


Miranda, Michael, Mark: concept, design, build proof of concept refinery / pharma lab and hydroponics.

Miranda: Flooded by dozens of job applicants, only found 2 qualified lab techs. Two weeks of focused research has confirmed / identified a complex of active component molecules plus a symbiotic multi-cellular amoeba-like organism. Another week, and you can make a weekend/weekday commute, to start the week’s research, letting the lab techs continue the experiments — or you can also stay on the task.

Everett: Shadowed and observed Lakshman Pathakh, his guards, schedule. Overnights in the dropship, half the week. Random locations rest of the week — out of town or between 3 different apartments / townhomes.

Michael: Created 4 false IDs (Jessica, Branden, Mark (+1 to inspection checks), Michael). Found public data on Pathakh. PM for developments after Week 2 online research and hacking efforts.

Trey: Yancy is roughly oriented with the city, getting more familiar with every week. Will need 50 flight hours to eliminate -2 unfamiliarity bonus with the vertol.

Molly: JB ran a survey poll of 3000 ST residents, then successfully designed a PSA campaign promoting austerity measures via spirtual fundamentalism, focusing on frugality and humility. Not yet launched.

Cody: Jon networks with several leading priests in the city. Rebuffed by one. A second one is neutral, but agrees to a one-time sermon on the topic of frugality and humility. The third one is very sympathetic/enthusiastic to Jon’s presentation, but doesn’t yet feel that Jon’s projects are developed enough to support — come back when more progress has been made.

Hugo: Made some casual contacts in the hood (as can anyone with Streetwise), found likely warehouse fronts for the vertol attack. Flambeed the crap out of the warehouse.

Branden: Staked out the warehouses, identified a likely target. With Joslyn, scouted from the roof, found the vertol.

Warehouse mission:
William grabbed the low light vision goggles. For everyone who wasn’t on the mission, they notice Jon, Yancy, William, and Nessie landing at the pharma lab in a vertol craft looking exactly like the two that almost killed the group when they arrived over two weeks ago. They have a prisoner, one of the armed enforcer thugs from Second Touchdown. William’s been shot in the leg (tourniqueted), the group is tense, and no one’s immediately forthcoming.


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