Jon Lyden

Short-tempered ex-sergeant, Point man


ST 11
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 10

Basic speed: 5.5

Dis/ads/quirks (just the name, don’t need points or levels):

Key skills (what you want Dakao to remember):

Cody, you mentioned wanting to get the mission done. Well, given your character’s background, letting the group focus on a financial takeover of the planet as well as the official reinstatement of the moss farmer faction may in fact feed right into goals for both the group as well as individuals. No need for them to get carried away, but there’s no need to curb them — yet.

Cody finds 3 priests: 1 rebuffs him, 1 is lukewarm but finds enough value in his frugality message to make one sermon, the last one is very receptive, but feels that Cody’s proposals are too immature, not yet developed enough to warrant cooperation.

[lbs] x 5.6 = n^2
6d x n = dmg

lbs = C4 dmg
.25 = 7d
.5 = 10d
1 = 14d+1

Vigilante Group The Fangs of Justice
1 Assault
3 Shooters
2 Lookouts

Fangs of Justice vigilante template
ST 10 DX 11 IQ 11 HT 10

Truthfulness -5
Sense of Duty (the poor and oppressed) -10
Secret (Fangs of Justice) -20
Status -1 (un/deremployed poor, not quite homeless) for -5

26 pts for skills:
3 Average skills at 8 pts, Attribute+2
1 Average skill at 2 pts, Attribute+0
They were honest wo/men, so they couldn’t lie or cheat to get by, and paid the price. But they’re not Honest (-10 pts), b/c that means following the law.

Status -1 means they’re on the fringes of small-time crooks. They could conceivably have a couple rogueish skills.

14 shotgun (E)
13 Electronics Operation (security)/8 (A)
13 Intimidation (A)
12 Brawling (E)

14 rifle (E)
13 stealth
13 search
11 traps

16 rifle (E)
13 stealth
11 traps

Lookout: pistol (easy) shadow observation lockpick
13 observation
13 shadow
13 lockpick
12 pistol (E)

12 psychology (H)
15 diplomacy
11 ?

$1300 / FoJ member
$650 / Lookout


Allied with Joslyn, a veteran sniper, and Lance, a doctor with a questionable past.

Jon Lyden

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