Yancy Dexter Crawford

Hotshot pilot. Good ol' boy.


ST 10
DX 13
IQ 12
HT 10

Basic speed: 5.75


  • Cybernetics (Legs)
  • Code of Honor (Soldier’s)
  • Daredevil
  • Absolute Direction (3D Sense)
  • G-experience (0G) 1
  • Improved G-tolerance (1G)
  • Luck
  • On the Edge
  • Guilt Complex
  • Selfless
  • Easy to Read
  • Curious
  • Impulsiveness
  • Ophidiophobia
  • Alcohol Intolerance
  • Obsession (Aviation)

Key skills:

  • Spacer 14
  • Aerobatics 15 (+2 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Piloting (HP Spacecraft) 15 (+1 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Piloting (HP Airplane) 15 (+1 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Piloting (Vertol) 16 (+1 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Navigation (Air) 15 (+3 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Navigation (Space) 14 (+2 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Navigation (Hyperspace) 14 (+2 w/ Absolute Direction)
  • Gunner (Machine Gun) 15
  • Gunner (Rockets) 15
  • Guns (Pistol) 15

Yancy is roughly oriented with the city, getting more familiar with every week.

And Trey, your vertol heist has been… a twist. But sure, I’ll make hay while the sun shines. :P In future, do you want combat (in the vertol or other craft), or non-combat (in the vertol or other craft)? I’m sensing a 20-80 preference for Yancy?

The vertol is a complex aircraft. You know it is powered by a pair of F power cells (UT p. 19; $20K, 200 lbs) — hot-swappable so an empty can be switched out in-flight (also, redundant in case of damage/failure).

More importantly, you got the craft, but no maintenance parts, tools, etc. Your general experience with such craft means you know it’ll cost very approximately $1K/hr of maintenance, and that a craft needs about 5 hrs’ maintenance per 1 hr flight time. To keep it flying you’re going to need income, and probably hire a ground crew of local techs. They’ll have to be really sharp guys, b/c it’s a TL 9 craft, imported to the planet — they can’t produce anything near this domestically. At least it’s fairly rare if not unique now that your group shot down the other one and stole this one. So there’s gotta be someone with a need for speed plus 2 tons of cargo capacity — 2.2 tons if you really pack it in there and fly solo.

Any which way, start planning how you’ll get your 50 hours of familiarization flight time, while finding the time and money to keep it flying.

Will need 50 flight hours to eliminate -2 unfamiliarity bonus with the vertol.


Name: Yancy Dexter Crawford
Age: 28
Looks: Short, fit, pale complexion, dark eyes, black hair, angular facial structure, furrowed brow
Home Planet: Mallory’s World; Draconis March; Federated Suns

Yancy Crawford was born into a moderately wealthy family of business owners. Their business was shipping, primarily trade goods, all over and into orbit around their home planet of Mallory’s World with a small fleet of flying craft including a single heavy-lift orbital cutter. With easy access to such things, it was only natural that Yancy developed a fascination, and subsequently an obsession, with flight capable craft at an early age. His father, having been of a similar mind and demeanor at his son’s age, was only too happy to oblige his interest and he began giving Yancy flying lessons at age 10.

Trey’s note: This next bit is just storyboarding. I’ll pretty it up later.

Yancy is a naturally talented pilot. He outstrips his father’s ability to teach by age 14. He begins teaching himself to fly and discovers the joys of aerobatic piloting (loops and stuff). He enlists in the Draconis March Militia at 18 and is put down for AeroSpace pilot training, but he is later found to be mentally unfit for the elite program and is, instead, placed in the Mallory’s World Militia as a support pilot with a combat certification. In his 6th year of enlistment, he is engaged in a skirmish with pirates while piloting a gunship crewed by 4 other soldiers. They are shot down. Yancy is the only survivor of the crash. He loses his legs here. He is discharged from the Militia. Parents pay to have cybernetic legs installed. Yancy leaves home.

Yancy Dexter Crawford

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