Indaba Dlamini

Bad tempered roboticist and inventor


ST: 10
DX: 10
IQ: 16
HT: 9

Basic speed: 4.75

Dis/ads/quirks (just the name, don’t need points or levels):
Bad Temper, Gadgeteer, Gizmo 2, High TL 1, Horrible Hangovers, Imaginative, Native English Speaker, Broken German, Megalomania, Obsession, Odius Personal Habit, Overconfidence, Single-Minded, Space Sickness, Uncongenial, Versatile

Key skills (what you want Dakao to remember):
Inventor!/TL10, Metallurgy/TL10, Scrounging

Mark hires two Scroungers-12 for $1000 / mo ea. Leased truck:

Mark leases an empty warehouse ($1000 / mo), truck, buys shipping container ($1500, see 40’ Conex in GURPS HT).

ST/HP 104 Hnd/SR -1/5 HT 12f Move 2/55 LWt 10.3 Load .3 SM 4 Occ 12 DR 5 Range 1200 $60k-135k Loc G6W

w/ 48’ trailer Hnd/SR -3/4 Move 1/40 trailer HP 100 Load 24 SM +5 DR 3

20,000 sf $1000 / mo lease (60 mo no interest amort)
$.06 / mi maintenance ($600 / mo @ 10k miles)

$9500 cash

Hunting Rifle with Auto-Aim Scope
Aerial Scout Robot, Aerial Scout Robot w/ Hunting Rifle
Civilian Shotgun Turret (5HP, 10HT, dr 10) ( 1d minute to alter program)

Cold-Gear Kit
Fake-ID +1
Inventor! Toolkit
Inventor! Mini-Toolkit
Micro-Manipulator Tool Bench
Robot Mule

$17,500 in Scrap Parts
$7,400 in Vertol Parts


I may not be the best ship’s mechanic, but I can keep things moving and won’t kill us all. My real strengths are my little buddies over here. Some can fly, some can shoot, some just look cute until they explode. Grabbing parts and turning them into gizmos is like breathing for me. And with my EZ-MODE rifle, head shots at 1000yds are a joke.

Of course, give me a gun without all my gizmos on it and I barely know where the trigger is. And nobody touches my tools. Nobody. I know where everything is, and if anything gets nudged it takes me forever to find it until I can sort out everything. Especially on my workbench. I’m working on my temper, but some people… some people I want to wipe my ass with.

I’m here for the credits and parts. I have an idea. I just need a small moon, time to perfect my robots, and some useful “partners” to fill in the blanks (until I can make them obsolete)… then I’ll show everyone a new… Everything…

Indaba Dlamini

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