Corey "Lazarus" Brecker

career student / professional hit man



Basic speed:

Dis/ads/quirks (just the name, don’t need points or levels):

Key skills (what you want Dakao to remember):
Notices Sylos trucking, deliveries to/from Pathakh. Pathakh’s guards are about 20 men, on a named basis. Public guards appear to have SMGs and ballistic concealed protection.


Lazarus (Corey) Brecker was born to a salvager father and a dead mother. Growing up, his father always said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” He always tried to instill a hard working ethic into Corey, but he was rarely home long enough to instill much of anything, so Corey mostly raised himself. A natural curiosity permeated his life, especially in regards to plants and chemicals. Unfortunately, he found that it cost money to go to school, and his dad didn’t have much of that. So Corey tried to get a job, but he couldn’t focus on any one thing for more than a few weeks. One day, after being fired from yet another burger flipper wage slave shit job, he heard a man lamenting his wife’s nagging ways and wished someone would kill her. He even offered money for it. Corey went home and baked a pizza and laced it with belladonna and delivered it to the nag, using the uniform he still had from his job two weeks previous. He ensured she died and went and informed the husband that his troubles were over. After the insurance money paid out, Corey was able to pay for school. He soon discovered that many people wanted other people dead, and were willing to pay well for it. Corey changed his name to Lazarus, and remembered his father’s words: “Where there is a kill, there is pay.”

Corey "Lazarus" Brecker

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