Maimed yet still-powerful emergency response crewman



Basic speed:

Dis/ads/quirks (just the name, don’t need points or levels):

Key skills (what you want Dakao to remember):

Hideous -4 (-16 pts)
Easy to kill 2 (-4 pts)

Engineer (combat) [Explosives (demolition) defaults directly to this, no need for separate skill?]
Engineer (civil)
Engineer (mining)
Guns (pistol)
Liquid Projector (flamethrower)

TL 9
Industrial burner
Dmg 3d burn
Rng 25/40
Wt 36
RoF Jet
Shots 5×2s
ST 11, takes 2 turns to ready for firing
Bulk -6
Cost $1,800
LC 2

helped locate the vertol hit team in a warehouse.

flamethrower upgraded

job allocation underground fighting 1400 monthly +/- 100 on top of that

400 rent with gale


Nessie is a broken yet still strong man. As operations chief for crisis mgmt at interstellar conglomerate Sylos’ manufacturing facilities, he solved emergencies like plant fires, pipeline leaks, etc. One such incident blew out of control, leaving Nessie severely maimed. The company covered up the incident and dumped Nessie in a dead-end waste management position. After recovering, Nessie walked out, taking his equipment with him. Using his former position’s in-depth facilities knowledge, he now works to expose Sylos for the evil corporation that it is.

Neci was employed by Sylos and trained to control facility critical failures by any means necessary which in order to contain failures that endangered the complex as a whole. One faithful day an emergency occurred and Neci and the division he belong to E.C.P(emergency control personnel) were dispatched to control a fire that erupted in a unit E.C.P quickly went in to action and ordered that the product that was on fire be reduced to a minimal to lessen the danger’s of fire spreading. On several failed attempts to put off the fire using traditional fire fighting methods and the tank reaching critical temperatures a plan of action to use control demolition charges was called to be used. As the E.C.P set up the charges around the tank to cause it to implode on it self and thereby squash the fire. The charges were set and the crew retreated to safety when at the corner of Neci’s eye he noticed some spectators, so told the crew to hold on the explosion while he escorts them to safety. Neci tells the onlookers to get to safety once their gone he makes the call “all clear” as he makes his way to were the crew is they set off the explosives. The worst thing that could happen unfolded before Neci’s eyes an apocalyptic scene. A dark cloud was present and it rained fire from the sky in seconds everything was covered in a thin film of burning liquid. Neci the crew and any personnel that were outside were set on fire and then screams of pain erupted so loud that they could be heard over all the heavy machine noise. Every one quickly attempted the stop drop and roll technique but to no avail the fire was not so easily smothered so every one continued to burn luckily for Neci when he was making his way back there was a storm ditch filled with water since it rained the day before. Neci fire was finally put off and he went in to shock from pain shortly thereafter. Neci awakens in the hospital several days later doctors tell him he was lucky to be alive he inquires about his companions but the doctor just shook his head and said sorry no one made it you are the sole survivor. An investigator came to talk to Neci about the after math of the incident and talked about the events that led to the disaster. When operations was draining the product that was on fire they were told to shut off all machines that were linked to the unit that had the tank on fire due to the blast concussion could causes another incident aswell, everything was going as planned but after the machine was turned of it lost vacuum and a block valve that was suppose to be there was never installed to save on cost ,with no device holding the liquid back it came back in to the tank and when the charges were set off. The tank was set to collapse on it self but with liquid now inside it just burst-ed sending flaming product straight in to the air and which in return came downward and the rest Neci remebered. So now that the investigator told the story to Neci he wished him good luck and left. After Neci was more-or-less stable he was released and given the OK to do therapy during that time a visitor came to visit Neci he was a representative from Sylos, the rep had bad news for Neci saying that his services were no longer needed and that as soon as he was able he should go back and pack his things due to his condition they could no longer have a use for him but they would pay the bills but no compensation. Once the rep left Neci anger was unleashed and he went out of control in blind anger, once he cooled off he continued with his therapy and grew very quiet now he had a purpose to burn the son’s of bitches that pretty much left him to die since who would employ him now with his grotesque appearance, and Sylos had all the blame for what had happened. Now his appearance is forever changed and many of his colleagues suffered the worst of all deaths. Once Neci had full control of body functions he set up to go to the Sylos complex to clean up his belongings as he cleans his locker he catches some items of interest and uses his key card which still gave him access to a lot of restricted area, inside the locked equipment room a flamethrower and some explosives fireproof suit, some mask’s and some sonar equipment lay along with security weapons. He located a truck that was on the E.C.P area of operations there he loaded the vehicle with the ammunition and explosives along with the items previously mentioned. He also took a very versatile chainsaw that could cut trough metal once loaded up he ran around the complex with a chainsaw and explosives and set them strategically trough out the mostly automated facility before setting them off which by now he may have set some alarms but heard nothing but he decided to really get their attention he goes back to the E.C.P building and logs-in in to the system and attempts to download many restricted files about compounds used and operating procedures to sell to the highest bidder in order to make the fuckers pay. During thedownload part he was kicked out and managed to get only the compounds that were used on site, Neci knew that it would be only a matter of time before security forces apprehended him so he boarded the truck with the storage device in hand and detonated the explosives as he drove away knowing that he just made a powerful enemy and vise versa Sylos also recognized Neci as potential threat that costed them one of their complexes and has a list of compunds that could affect their profit margin.


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